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Presentations, Workshops, and Consulting


Keynote, Workshop, and Consulting Components


  • Developing strategies for creating a positive classroom environment

  • Implementing steps for teaching the “lessons that matter most”

  • Creating success by embracing and sharing failures

  • Adapting instruction to meet the individual needs of students

  • Embracing reform and change to benefit students

  • Providing perspective on the lasting IMPACT that we all can make on students and each other.

  • Developing a School Improvement Plan

  • Building and Maintaining a Collaborative Culture in your Organization

  • Cognitive Coaching and Leadership

  • Creating Success as a New Teacher

  • Succeeding as a Building Administrator

  • Functioning as a Board of Education

  • School Improvement Consulting

  • Inspiring students through vocational education

  • Using Agricultural Education to inspire and apply core content

  • Other topics upon request...

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