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Testimonials from clients...

The following are testimonials from clients that have allowed us to share with their organizations.

Actual Evaluation Remarks from Clients and  Presentation Audience Members:

"Dr. David Mouser was the keynote speaker at the National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference, held in Litchfield Park, Arizona.    Dr. Mouser gave a fantastic keynote address that was humorous, motivational and inspiring.  The 400(+) in attendance were laughing and crying at the same time due to his unique ability to relate to the audience of educators and parents.  His stories of IMPACT resonated with our audience and were the perfect way to kick off the conference.  Participants and even the hotel wait staff commented on his outstanding performance!"


Kevin Daugherty

National Agriculture in the Classroom

Conference Chairman

“Dr. Mouser motivated the audience, entertained them, taught them something, and made everyone feel good about being an educator!”   

- ROE 33, Henderson/Knox/Mercer/Warren Counties Illinois

"As a special education teacher, I most appreciated that a person with a content area/general education background spoke so eloquently and poignantly on the importance of social/emotional learning for all students but perhaps, most importantly for students with disabilities. HIs commitment to social/emotional learning did not seem at all diminished by the need to meet standards and testing criteria. Meeting the needs of students as whole human being first, was an important message to hear. His anecdotes on working with parents and students who were struggling to just be included in true and meaningful ways in classrooms and on the school campus were inspiring and important. I hope all teachers have an opportunity to hear David Mouser at some point. His experience and expertise provide a strong foundation for us all. The added benefit is that he's also personable and humorous. David demonstrates the heart and humor of public education."


Jennifer L. Stringfellow, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Special Education

Eastern Illinois University

"It is difficult to motivate an audience in the evening when everyone is tired and has a full stomach from a banquet, but motivate, inspire, and captivate with a critical message is exactly what David Mouser did when he spoke at our Convention in April in St. Louis.  Mr. Mouser was funny and entertaining with an important message for all educators.  I was enthralled with his presentation.  The time went by quickly and I could have listened to more of his lessons for educators.  You wouldn't want to miss his presentations and I hope I have the opportunity to hear him again."


Bev Johns

Delta Kappa Gamma St. Louis Mo.

“I’ve hired David Mouser many times as a keynoter and highly recommend him. I invite him back because he delivers real content in a very personable manner. His stories touch your heart and leave an impression. Most important he is the same person on the platform as off the platform. He always receives very high evaluation marks. David is very good!”


Patty Hendrickson:
Certified Speaking Professional


Your IMPACT presentation lived up to expectations.  The concepts and learnings gleaned from your education experiences easily translated to the business environment.   The many examples demonstrated for each of us that providing simple and caring interactions with others will increase engagement and produces positive attitudes.  Your amusing storytelling style also provided an emotional impact for everyone through laughter as well as tears.   The presentation was right on point and achieved the desired result.


Cheryl Kepner (personal impressions and feedback)

State Farm Insurance


What a pleasure it was to have Dave Mouser speak at our mentoring banquet at the end of the year. He did an exceptional job of understanding that his audience was a blend of adult mentors and high school students; he appropriately spoke to the needs of each group. His message provided the affirmation that we each impact the lives of others. His blend of humor and personal experience helped to motivate all in the audience – what a treat it was to have him speak at our event! I heard many people comment that they could listen to him speak for hours, and I agree.



Ed Jodlowski
Illini Central Middle/High School Principal


“Your presentation was right on target and set the mood for a great conference. You not only helped the teachers remember when, but you helped them remember why. The blend of facts and classroom experience helped establish a rapport with the teachers not often achieved by a speaker. I appreciate the smiles you brought to their faces and the sense of pride you left in their hearts.”

Jim Craft
Associate Director of the Illinois FFA Organization/IAVAT


“Mr. Mouser is an “entertaining and informative” speaker. He was able to engage a room full of teachers at our beginning of the year in-service workshop (which isn’t easy to do). His message incorporated personal experience, good and bad, to encourage us to become better educators. As teachers reflected on the day, Mr. Mouser’s presentation was at the top of our discussions.”

Karen Witte
Classroom Teacher Millstadt School District

“As a Superintendent of Schools in the state of Illinois, I am always looking for ways to motivate our staff and help them seek venues for honing their skills as educators. Though we as educators intrinsically know what it is that we need to be doing to relate to students and help them achieve success both in the classroom and in life, sometimes we need that little extra nudge of inspiration. Dave Mouser, in his presentation to professionals, provides this nudge and so much more. At a recent township wide in-service in our community involving about four hundred teachers, Dave Mouser entertained, educated, and inspired our staff with personal stories from his experiences as a principal at a nationally recognized Blue Ribbon High School to personal anecdotes about himself growing up as a student. I have had numerous staff members come up to me and tell me that they appreciated his message and really enjoyed it for both its content and entertainment value. His themes are universal and built on the successes that he has experienced as an educator and I am positive, without hesitation, that any educator that is privy to his message will walk away with a more positive outlook on their importance in the classroom.”

Patrick Martin
Superintendent of Schools
Washington, Illinois


“Dave, from someone who hires LOTS of speakers, I have to tell you that you did such a fantastic job speaking to our students at our leadership conference! Your presentation was one of our top ranked sessions and the kids left saying things like “He was so interesting and engaging; I hope his passion for education is contagious; good outside the box ideas; very inspiring!”
Your energy and charisma is so refreshing and your combination of entertaining through story-telling, giving advice and instilling inspiration was more than I could have asked for. You truthfully added a tremendous amount to the value of our event and I can’t thank you enough for leaving lasting impression on our students!”

Jodie Brooks
Illinois Grain and Feed Association


“David Mouser has spoken for Illinois Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) on many occasions and our students always enjoy his message and ask for him to return. David is an impressive professional and a high school principal that has an uncanny ability to motivate and resonate with people. David’s message is one of action and change. Students who hear David’s message walk away wanting to do more and be a better individuals. He is a product of career and technical education and understands the importance of CTE in the education process. David is one of the best speakers we have share with our students, because of his belief in young people and their ability to make a difference!”

Marta Lockwood
FCCLA Illinois Associate Director


“When it comes to engaging an audience and conveying a message that will impact a crowd from teenager to adult, Dave Mouser is the one to call. He is a tremendous speaker who can truly relate to all audiences and keep them hanging on his every word. After having Dave speak at a career conference for high school students, those students shared that “Mr. Mouser was 100% the best part of the day.”
Every student who attended the conference rated him a perfect score of EXCELLENT! Student’s shared; “He’s a 10 out of 10.” “He’s fun and he cares.” “Love that guy.”

Mindy Bunselmeyer
Field Agent: Facilitating Coordinators for Agricultural Education


“Dave Mouser is an educational leader with a relentless interest in issues of improving opportunities for every student to excel. As principal of Tri-Valley High School in Downs (IL), Mr. Mouser models innovative leadership with a laser-sharp focus on improving teaching and learning – for every student.

In our Administration of Human Resources doctoral-level class, Dave described how he removed all basic track courses when he arrived as high school principal. He is adept at building trusting relational networks, and builds systemic capacity for shared leadership. He is an early adopter of cutting edge technology, and models a tireless passion for continuous learning and possibility. He began his formal leadership training as a high school student, when he served as the State’s President of the Illinois FFA organization.


Dr. Kristina Hesbol
Professor Illinois State University


“Dave Mouser’s presentation was outstanding. He had a very difficult crowd (Friday afternoon before a 3 day weekend)! I think all of us can learn from this how important it is for students to feel important and that they matter. Dave’s speech really pumped me up and made me feel as though what I did made a difference in student’s lives. His humor was a great addition! What a great way to begin the weekend!”

Jen Tallman
Teacher Washington Illinois School District


“Dave Mouser’s presentation was incredible!! He definitely relates to teachers and understands what we do. It was great to hear his stories of a teacher that impacted his life and to also hear how he impacted hers. His presentation reiterated the importance of what I do and why I do it! I loved the humor in the presentation! I laughed out loud many times because the situations and stories were real and I have been in situations like those before! I left this presentation feeling so good about what I do and excited all over again about the difference I make in the lives of my students! Thank you, Mr. Mouser!!!”

Jennifer Miller
Teacher District 50 Schools Washington, Illinois


“Facilitating Coordination in Agricultural Education, FCAE, has utilized David Mouser for numerous speaking engagements. On every occasion, he has captivated his audience during the entire presentation and left the participants extremely motivated. David is exceptionally good with students and adults, energizing the crowd while presenting his message about developing personal character and dedication toward achieving goals. As the State Coordinator for the Illinois State Board of Education FCAE project, I have high regards for David’s speaking ability and am confident he will “shine” at any event.”

Jay Runner
Facilitating Coordinator for Agricultural Education State Coordinator

From audience members through evaluation documents (various presentations):

  • Dr. Mouser was excellent. He delivered a wonderful message with many ideas for practical application. This by far was the best Institute that I have attended in 9 years of teaching

  • Could listen to him talk all day, Bravo Dr. Mouser

  • Outstanding

  • Excellent presenter

  • Awesome

  • Very uplifting

  • Good speaker. I am a first year teacher. This will be hard to top

  • Great in-service

  • Excellent and very energizing presentation

  • Very motivating

  • Very good speaker. Maintained interest thru out speech

  • Energetic, good stories, useful

  • Very motivational, funny, personable, loved his presentation

  • Awesome speaker, energy and great takeaways, I like how he took education and made it relevant to all of us

  • Wow – what a great speaker, Inspirational to apply at work & life

  • Uplifting and engaging, core message excellent

  • He delivered a great message and did so with the right amount of humor

  • Awesome way to start the seminar

  • Very good

  • Very engaging, very good

  • Perfect choice for opening speaker

  • Took a lot of good advice from it, great to have a positive start to the day

  • Very practical, delivered a message that applied to entire audience

  • Funny, entertaining and heartfelt stories, even though a different industry the business practices are universal

  • Energetic and good sound bites

  • Very good at using examples

  • High energy presentation & great inspiration content

  • Very engaging

  • Brought up good points on how to be a good leader, best presentation to begin a seminar

  • Truly took away a lot from his presentation to apply to both work and home

  • Enjoyed the message and look forward to applying the concepts.

  • Provided great information to take back to our workplace

  • Wonderful

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